Marriage in Thailand

Marriage in Thailand involves certain legal requirements and procedures. Here is a step-by-step guide: Eligibility: Both parties must be at least 17 years old and mentally capable of giving consent to marry. If either party is under 20 years old, parental consent is required. Documentation: The following documents are typically required: Passport or identification documents […]

Filing Divorce in Thailand

There are 2 main ways in which a couple can end their marriage in Thailand: through mutual consent and by a court order. There are also some additional requirements that should be met before a couple can file for a divorce. Firstly, they must be in a legal relationship and the marriage has to have […]

Processing of Prenuptial in Thailand

If you are planning on getting married to a Thai person and you are a foreigner, it is very important that you prepare for a prenuptial agreement before the marriage. A prenuptial agreement essentially lists all of the properties and assets that each person has. It also specifies what rights each person will have if […]

The Process of Processing of Marriage in Thailand

The process of processing a marriage in Thailand is an important step towards legalizing your relationship. It is a complex process which requires a great deal of attention to detail and understanding of Thai laws, and involves several government agencies and embassies. A good local legal advisor should be engaged to guide the couple through […]

Prenuptial Agreement in Thailand

Prenuptial Agreement in Thailand

If you’re planning on getting married in Thailand, drafting a prenuptial agreement can be a useful way to protect your financial interests. This contract will outline your rights to assets in the event of divorce or death. It will also allow you to ensure that your property will stay within the family. What is a […]